Friday, May 10, 2013

Strawberry Ricotta Crepes

Recipe Source - Reader's Digest, Eat Well Stay Well 
Yield - 8 crepes


1. Milk - 1/2 cup 
2. All purpose flour - 1/3 cup 
3. Sugar - 1/4 cup 
4. Egg -1 
6. Butter - 2 tbsp melted
7. Ricotta cheese - 1 cup 
8. Pure Vanilla Extract - 1 tsp 
9. Strawberries - Chopped, 1 cup 
10. Icing sugar - 1 tbsp 


1. Combine the milk, flour, 1 tsp of the sugar, egg and melted butter in a blender and process until smooth. Let stand for 30 mins. 
2. Spray a pan with cooking spray and heat over moderate heat. Spoon the batter, about 2 tbsp at a time, into the pan and swirl to coat the bottom. Once lightly browned (about 15-30 secs), lift and turn the crepe  and cook for another 5 secs. 
3. Stack the crepes one over the other between parchment paper. 
4. Combine the ricotta, vanilla extract and remaning white sugar in a bowl. Fold in the strawberries. Add the mix onto the centre of each crepe, fold and plate.
5. Sprinkle with icing sugar. 

Enjoy! :D 

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